The Great Safe Plate Blitz 2024

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The Great Safe Plate Blitz 2024

Protect your Plates from being stolen and used to commit crimes.
Come along to your local Great Safe Plate Blitz and have your plates secured – and it’s FREE

Did you know?

Number plates are a prime target for thieves, with over 20,000 thefts reported in Victoria each year, averaging more than 55 incidents daily. They rank as the most frequently stolen item from vehicles. It only takes 3-5 minutes to unscrew your plates if they are installed with normal screw.

About tamper proof/one-way screws

Using tamper-proof or one-way screws to secure registration/number plates can offer several benefits in terms of preventing theft and misuse for criminal activities:

  1. Deterrence: The presence of tamper-proof screws sends a clear message that the plates are secured and tampering with them is difficult. This can act as a deterrent for potential thieves who may be looking for an easy target.
  2. Reduced Theft: Tamper-proof screws make it more challenging for thieves to steal license plates. The added difficulty may dissuade individuals who are looking for quick and easy targets, reducing the overall incidence of theft.
  3. Prevention of Misuse: Stolen license plates are sometimes used in the commission of crimes, such as robberies, hit-and-runs, or other illegal activities. By securing plates with tamper-proof screws, the likelihood of such misuse is diminished.
  4. Cost Savings for Vehicle Owners: When license plates are stolen, vehicle owners may face costs related to replacing the plates, reporting the theft to authorities, and dealing with potential legal issues arising from the misuse of the stolen plates. The use of tamper-proof screws can help mitigate these costs by preventing theft in the first place.
  5. Enhanced Security: One-way screws are designed in a way that makes it easy to install them but difficult to remove. This ensures that the plates remain securely attached to the vehicle, providing enhanced security against tampering.
  6. Removal: If you wish to remove the plates – perhaps on the sale of your vehicle or to fit personalised plates, you can remove the screws with a special removal tool. Most police stations will have this tool as do some of our Neighbourhood Watch Groups. Call us for more info.

About our Safe Plate Blitz

From March 1 to June 30, 2024, we will be holding Safe Plate events most Saturday and Sundays across Melbourne.

If none of these scheduled dates/locations is suitable to you, you may like to regularly check into our NHW Groups’ Events Page This is where we will post forthcoming events that our NHW Groups of volunteers are hosting in their local community.

At the Safe Plate Blitz event, we will remove your existing screws and replace them with one-way/tamper proof screws – at no cost.

As well as securing your number plates, we will be available to talk to you about other crime prevention techniques you can follow to prevent being the victim of car theft, identify theft, and residential burglary.

Depending on numbers on the day, you may need to wait 10 minutes or so before we can address your car;  a great time to grab a snag from the Bunnings BBQ.

Check out the complete schedule here

The Safe Plate Blitz has been made possible with the support of the Victorian Government

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