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Building Community Together

Our Building Community Together program involves working with developers and local residents to create safer and more connected communities in new estates.

What is Building Community Together?

Building Community Together is a partnership between Neighbourhood Watch and property developers to connect residents, build communities and drive crime prevention through education and motivation across new estates in the north-west metro, south-east metro and Greater Geelong regions of Victoria. It aims to help build strong, cohesive neighbourhoods in new estates.

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Creating safer and more connected communities 

At Neighbourhood Watch we believe a connected community is a safer community - that people feel safer when they know their neighbours and are active in their local community.

Moving into a where you don't know anyone can sometimes feel overwhelming. Families move to these areas with hopes of building a fulfilling life in a safe and inclusive environment. So, Neighbourhood Watch teams up with property developers to help build a sense of community in their new estates.

New developments are booming

In outer Melbourne and larger regional centres, there is a significant increase in housing developments, with some having up to 7,000 homes. This has led to a booming population and 100s of new communities made up of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Importance of community engagement 

Developers are recognising the importance of engaging with their communities. Many now have community engagement officers who work with the residents in new estates to help build a sense of wellbeing and connectedness.

However, once the estate is completed within 3 to 10 years, these community engagement resources often move on to the next project. That’s where we come in.

How Neighbourhood Watch can work with your estate

We know that connected communities deliver better wellbeing and health benefits for residents and provide an added sense of feeling safe and secure.

Under our Building Community Together program, we collaborate with developers, estates, residents, community engagement officers, local police and council to effectively “build community together”.

Our goal is to encourage neighbours to connect with each other, look out for one another, respect their environment and their neighbours, care for their homes and shared spaces, and get involved with their community.

As part of the Building Community Together program, we offer:

  • Partnership with a well-known and trusted Australian brand
  • Engaging with the community through various activities such as information sessions, webinars and participating in estate events
  • Helping residents connect with each other and foster a sense of belonging
  • Promoting and increasing neighbourhood safety and security
  • Providing access to information and resources about connecting with neighbours, preventing crime and feeling more secure
  • Recognising and supporting community engagement initiatives that contribute to positive perceptions of the estate.

Join the program

To find out more about our Building Community Together program or to set up a time to discuss how your estate can be involved, email our CEO Bambi Gordon at

Security advice for new home builders 

Our nuBuild resources provide vital information new homeowners and their builders to embed security into new homes – from designing and planning, to turning the first piece of dirt and construction, to handover and moving in.

You can apply this advice now and prevent being a victim of crime in the future.

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Neighbourhood Watch Victoria acknowledges the 38 mobs, the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate, live, and gather as employees and volunteers. We recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

At Neighbourhood Watch, we believe everyone has the right to feel safe and welcome. We are committed to ensuring diversity, inclusion and equity are embedded throughout our organisation – in the work we do, the services we deliver and among our staff, volunteers, and the communities we work with.