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Join us and help make your neighbourhood a better place to live.

Want to help make your neighbourhood a safer, stronger and better place to live? Join your local Neighbourhood Watch group and become part of our family.

By volunteering with your local group, you join thousands of Neighbourhood Watch volunteers across Victoria, who are helping residents feel safer and more connected to their community.

We have more than 190 Neighbourhood Watch groups across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria – both online and face-to-face.

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Who can join Neighbourhood Watch?

Anyone can become a member of Neighbourhood Watch. All we ask is that you’re committed to working alongside your neighbours and fellow community members to help make the place where you live safer, friendlier and more vibrant.

How much does membership cost?

It’s totally free to join.

Why do people join?

People get involved with Neighbourhood Watch for many different reasons, whether it’s to improve security around their home, wanting to make their neighbourhood safer, be part of a local group and meet new people or make a difference in their community. 

Neighbourhood Watch helps you connect with your neighbours and others within your community who share the same desires.

What are some of the benefits of joining?

As a Neighbourhood Watch member, you will have access to:

  • Regular email updates about Neighbourhood Watch activities, crime prevention information and resources, and news from our partners.
  • Advice about groups and membership.
  • Information on local crime statistics and trends for your area, along with information and updates on local issues and activities.
  • Tips and advice on crime prevention, personal and home security, identifying and reporting suspicious behaviour and getting to know your neighbours
  • Exclusive forums, workshops and training, with a range of interesting guest speakers and presenters.
  • Opportunities to volunteer your time and skills on a diverse range of activities and events to help make your community safer and friendlier.
  • A host of ready-made resources on crime prevention and building communities, so you are more equipped to help tackle important issues in your community.

What sorts of things would I do if I become a member?

There are roles in Neighbourhood Watch that cater for your skills, energy and interests. There literally is something for everyone. 

Some of the things you may do include:

  • Directly support the police in reducing crime in your local area.
  • Deliver newsletters and other crime prevention information to households in your area.
  • Help at community events with distributing material and sharing information on Neighbourhood Watch, crime prevention, home security and personal safety.
  • Assist with crime prevention activities such as installing theft-resistant screws on car number plates or engraving bikes and other valuables for easy identification.
  • Help produce a Neighbourhood Watch newsletter for your local area.
  • Help manage your group’s local Facebook page.
  • Taking a management role in your local group including being Chair, Secretary or Treasurer.

How much time do I need to commit?

How much of your time you give, is totally up to you.

What sort of activities do local groups do?

Some of the programs and activities our groups undertake include:

  • Creating and distributing community newsletters
  • Holding Safe Plate (installing theft-resistant screws in car number plates) events with local police.
  • Hosting community forums on local crime and safety issues
  • Being involved in community safety expos
  • Marking valuables to deter thefts
  • Preventing and removing grafitti
  • Sharing local crime data and crime prevention information
  • Running junior Neighbourhood Watch programs in schools
  • Running Neighbourhood Watch information stands and crime prevention activities
  • Coordinating community conversations and Coffee with a Cop events
  • Operating lost children services at local community events
  • Staging neighbourhood meet and greet barbecues
  • Holding tradies’ breakfasts

Join us today

Volunteering with your local Neighbourhood Watch group is heaps of fun. You'll meet new friends and feel like you're making a positive contribution to your community.

So, get in touch today. We’re ready to welcome you!

We have 3 different categories of supporters:

Community supporter

These include:

  • An interested member of the public (eg: attends Neighbourhood Watch meetings and events).
  • A supporter/follower on social media.
  • A member of the public who has subscribed to receive our email updates.
  • A local business or community organisation which supports Neighbourhood Watch.

Community member

These are active volunteers who:

  • Undertake newsletter delivery or similar roles.
  • Work under the general supervision of an Accredited Member on Neighbourhood Watch projects.

Accredited member

These are volunteers who hold more senior roles in Neighbourhood Watch. They must obtain a clear National Police Check (NPC) before starting the role. They include:

  • Chair, Area Coordinator, Manager
  • Committee member
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • State forum delegates
  • Social media coordinator
  • Web Administrator
  • Project or Event Coordinator
  • Newsletter editor
  • Spokesperson
  • Neighbourhood Watch Board members
Connect With Us

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria acknowledges the 38 mobs, the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate, live, and gather as employees and volunteers. We recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

At Neighbourhood Watch, we believe everyone has the right to feel safe and welcome. We are committed to ensuring diversity, inclusion and equity are embedded throughout our organisation – in the work we do, the services we deliver and among our staff, volunteers, and the communities we work with.