Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

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Cars and Vehicles

Your vehicle is one of the most valuable and most essential things you own. It’s important to know how to keep your car, bicycle, motorbike or ute safe from thieves at home, on the road and when you leave it parked in a public space.

Children and Young Adults

Children grow and change quickly and at different rates. They may not always know what’s safe and what’s dangerous. As their parents, guardians and carers, it’s important to help them increase their safety knowledge, recognise when they don’t feel safe and know what to do in unsafe situation.

Crime Prevention

Family Violence

Everyone has the right to live their daily lives feeling safe and free of violence, threats and coercion in their close relationships. So it’s important to understand what constitutes family violence, how to recognise the signs and what to do if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship.

Farm & Rural

Whether you live in a small country town, on a large working farm or a small acreage, it’s important to know how to keep your home, farm, family, animals and machinery safe, securely store fuel, chemicals and firearms and report any crimes to police.

Fraud, Scams & Online safety

So much of our everyday life revolves around the internet – how we shop, pay bills, bank, get our news, communicate with others, even the shows we watch. Knowing what’s genuine, what’s fake and how to protect yourself from scammers and fraudsters will save you a whole lot of stress.

Home and Property

Your home is your haven; where you and those you love should always feel safe and your belongings are protected. Knowing how you can make your home and property more secure will make it harder for thieves to break in and steal your stuff.

Personal Safety

We all enjoy heading out for some fun and relaxation – whether it’s a night out with friends, going for a walk, catching public transport, or just out shopping. As well as having a good time, it’s important you know how to keep yourself safe and also watch out for your friends.

Reporting Crime

When you’re caught up in an emergency, disaster, crime or medical crisis, or you’ve seen something that doesn’t feel quite right, you can feel anxious and distressed. Being prepared, knowing which emergency service or authority you need to call and what to report can make all the difference.


While seniors are less likely to be victims of crime, they tend to be more fearful, which can impact their confidence and quality of life. By following some commonsense tips and increasing their confidence, they can more safely go about their daily lives.

Small Business

Your business is your livelihood. And while every business is different, security measures are pretty much universal. It’s important to know the practical, proactive steps you can take to protect your business and keep yourself, your staff and customers safe.

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