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Everyone has the right to feel safe where they live, work, learn or play.

What is How Safe Is My Place? 

Our How Safe Is My Place program, helps you learn where your home, school or farm might be vulnerable to crime and the simple, actionable steps you can take to feel safer.

With the support of our partner RACV, we have created some free interactive tools and resources where you can learn more about security, get some simple and effective tips on how you can safeguard your home or farm, protect your property from burglary or theft, improve your school environment, and help make your neighbourhood an even better place to live.

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Take a home security quiz 

A Victorian home is burgled every 21 minutes.

Our quick 5-minute quiz asks you a series of questions to get you thinking about the security of your home. Learn where your home might be at risk of break-in, learn simple ways you make it more secure, and get a personal report packed with tips tailored to your home.

How Safe Is My House quiz
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Download our augmented reality app

Most home burglaries are opportunistic – a potential thief sees a chance and takes the opportunity.

Our fun, family-friendly augmented reality app, uses cutting-edge technology to help you discover simple ways to secure your home. As you move through our virtual house, spot the security risks and discover easy and helpful tips to make your home safer.

How Safe Is My Place app

Assess your farm security

Livestock theft has hit a 10-year high in Victoria, while fuel theft is also on the rise.

Our quick quiz helps you learn where your farm might be vulnerable to crime and what to do to make it more secure. Once completed you’ll receive a customised report full of tips to help you reduce the risk and protect your livelihood. It’s suitable for all types of farmers.

How Safe Is My Farm quiz

Explore safety at school

It’s important that schools are places where kids feel safe and welcome.

Our school-based learning program for primary students helps them understand how their surroundings help can them feel and be safe. Aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, it uses fun, interactive learning to explore what makes a place safe and welcoming for all.

How Safe Is My School resources

Designing out crime

Our How Safe Is My Place program is based on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED (pronounced sep-ted) principles. CPTED is a proactive approach to crime prevention – using planning, design and urban management to deter criminal behaviour, reduce crime and help people feel safer.

CPTED is actually just commonsense - things like not having high and solid front fences that criminals can hide behind or installing doors that are kick-proof or keeping playgrounds well maintained with clear lines of sight.

So how safe is your home, farm or school? Find out today!

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