Connect Up

Building vertical neighbourhoods

A pilot program on connecting with your neighbours in high-rise residential towers

Connect Up is a pilot program in collaboration with Victoria Police, RACV, Federation University, Crime Stoppers Victoria and Neighbourhood Watch to explore ways that we can connect the neighbours who live in vertical communities and investigate crime prevention tactics to ensure a safe, secure vertical neighbourhood.

The pilot program is operating in Manningham, and the Melbourne CBD, from June to November 2021

Residents of the 7 selected high-rise residential towers are invited to complete a survey to tell us what their issues are within their local vertical community.  This data will then be used to evaluate activities that can be conducted within the building to best suit the residents and their objectives for neighbourly living.

At the conclusion of the pilot a report will be produced to encourage developers and councils to instigate design elements and tactics that will help to build neighbourhoods in new buildings in the future.

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Connect Up: Building Vertical Neighbourhoods is a project of Safety Alliance Victoria.