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July 15, 2023
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How to prevent your motorbike from being stolen

How to prevent your motorbike from being stolen

Protect your motorbike from theft by investing in an alarm, using multiple heavy-duty locks and anchoring it to something heavy.

Around 2,000 motorcycles are stolen in Victoria each year, which is about 10% of total vehicle thefts. And all types are being targeted – on and off-road motorbikes, all-terrain vehicles, scooters and mini-bikes. 

Motorcycles are particularly difficult to protect because they’re easy to move around and have a high demand for parts.

Facts about motorcycle theft

  • Despite accounting for just 5 per cent of registrations, motorcycle thefts now amount to 1 in 6 of all stolen vehicles in Australia.
  • Almost 3 in 10 motorcycles stolen aged 5 years or less.
  • Almost 2 in 3 motorcycles are stolen from the home.
  • Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 150cc or less, such as scooters and mini-bikes, are biggest target for thieves; motorcycles with an engine capacity of 251-500cc come in second.
  • More than half of motorcycles stolen are never recovered.
  • The top 5 stolen makes are: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, SYM, and Kawazaki

Protecting a motorcycle can be very different to securing a car, so here are some of the key ways to prevent yours being stolen.

Install a motorcycle anti-theft alarm

Don’t let your bike go quietly - invest in a good alarm. Choose one that sounds different from a regular car alarm – so you can recognise the sound if your motorbike is being stolen. Be sure to tune the sensitivity so there are no false alarms.

Use quality locks and chains

Secure your motorbike with at multiple locks. Always using the steering lock – it provides an extra hurdle for thieves. Also consider investing in high-end hardened steel disc locks to immobilise your wheels– some even have built-in alarms. Use a disc lock together with other devices such as a hardened steel D-Lock, brake/throttle lever lock and a heavy-duty security chain. 

Consider adding extra security measures

Consider installing an engine immobiliser to ensure your motorbike can’t be driven away. If your bike doesn’t already come with a kill switch, install a hidden one so that your bike won’t start unless the switch is first disabled. Installing a GPS locator can also help police track down your bike if it’s stolen. 

Chain your bike to something heavy

Thieves are often opportunistic and will go for the easiest target. Try to always lock your motorbike to a heavy, stationary object like a bike rail, or street furniture, especially if you’re going to be away from it for an extended period. Use a heavy-duty security chain and padlock .

At home, park your bike out of sight

Avoid parking your motorbike on your driveway, if possible – it lets thieves know you have a bike worth stealing. At home park your bike in a locked garage shed or garage or behind locked gates and secure it by locking to an immovable object or ground anchor. Using a motorcycle cover to conceal it, may also reduce the risk of theft. 

In public, park somewhere highly visible

If you are parking in a public area such as a shopping centre, train station or the footpath try to park somewhere that’s well-lit, busy and highly visible. Look for areas that have lots of foot traffic and security cameras and try to find other motorcycles to park next to. Secure you bike with a heavy-duty chain through the frame (not just the wheel) and chain to a heavy, immovable object, like a bike rail or street furniture. 

Record your bike's details

Be sure keep a record of your motorcycle’s 17-digit VIN number – so that if your bike does happen to be stolen, you can report it to police. Consider registering your bike for free on PropertyVAULT where you can keep a record of its details, upload photos and report it stolen if it’s nicked. 

Research security features before buying

When buying a motorbike, look at what security features it already has, such as kill switches or VIN-based microdots. If buying from a private seller, check the Personal Property Securities Register to see if the bike is listed as stolen, written off or is under finance. 

Get Police Assistance

For all emergencies and immediate Police assistance
Call: 000
To report non-urgent crimes or events 24 hours a day
Call: 131 444
To report information about a crime contact Crime Stoppers on
1800 333 000

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