Building community together

Building communities together

It can be daunting and lonely moving to a new area.  When you don’t know anyone, you feel less safe and less likely to trust people around you.

That’s where Neighbourhood Watch can help.

Neighbourhood Watch understands how new residents feel.  Since 1983, we have been helping residents connect and create local communities.

We help residents get past the awkward first "hello"s and onto meaningful experiences, new connections and developing friendships.


How Neighbourhood Watch can work with your estate


  • Community engagement within your development
  • Connect residents and create a sense of belonging
  • Promote and increase neighbourhood safety
  •  Ensure your community engagement efforts, endorsed by an iconic Australian brand, are seen and generate positive PR for your company

To find out how you can join the program, contact Bambi Gordon on (03) 9247 5492 or via