Building community together

Creating safer and more connected communities

It can sometimes be daunting moving into a new area where you don’t know anyone.

At Neighbourhood Watch, we believe a connected community is a safer community. And for 37 years we have been helping residents look out for each other, make connections and build safer communities.

In the outer areas of Melbourne and larger regional centres there are numerous housing estates being developed – some have up to 7,000 homes – and a real population boom. Melbourne is due to be the largest city in Australia within a couple of years.

Families move to these areas with hopes and dreams of building a life that fulfils their family’s needs, in an environment that is safe and inclusive.

Developers are recognising the importance of community engagement and are appointing community engagement officers to work with the residents on the new estates to help build a sense of wellbeing and connectedness.

However, once the project is completed in the 3 to 10 years timeline, this community engagement resource will move onto the next project.

We work with and engage with developers, communities, estates and the community engagement officers to help “build community together” – encouraging neighbours to connect with each other, look out for one another, be respectful of each other and their environment and care for their homes and common areas.

How Neighbourhood Watch can work with your estate

We know that connected communities deliver better wellbeing and health benefits for residents and provide an added sense of being safe and secure.

As part of the Building Community Together program, we offer:

  • Community engagement within the developments, including information sessions and attendance at estate events
  • Connect residents and create a sense of belonging
  • Promote and increase neighbourhood safety and security
  • Provide access to information and materials about ways to connect with neighbours, prevent crime and feel more secure
  • Ensure community engagement efforts, endorsed by an iconic and trusted Australian brand, are seen and generate positive PR for the developments.

Embedding security when building a new home

Our Building a New Home resources provide vital information for builders and their clients to embed security into new builds – from designing and planning, to turning the first piece of dirt, to moving in. Apply this advice now and prevent being a victim of crime in the future.

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