How to prevent your plates being nicked

Thieves are increasingly targeting number plates by simply unscrewing the screws and then using those plates when committing other crimes – petrol theft, ram raids, burglaries, hooning. In fact number plates are the number 1 item stolen from cars.

One of the easiest ways we can prevent number plate theft is by making it harder for thieves to steal your number plates by fitting one-way screws.

How do they work?

One-way, anti-theft screws have been designed to make the task of removing number plates a whole lot harder for thieves.

Anti-theft screws can be easily fastened with a regular flat blade screwdriver, however unlike normal screws, they can only be turned in one direction.

Different cars will have different screw types, so it’s important to get the right screw before you start. Information about screw types can be found on the Victoria Police ‘Safe Pl8’ website.

Where do you get them?

Local Neighbourhood Watch groups hold ‘Safe Plate’ events where volunteers fix anti-theft screws for a gold coin donation. To find out if there is an upcoming ‘Safe Plate’ day coming up near you, jump on our website through the link below or search your local Neighbourhood Watch’s Facebook page.



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