Preventing crime in your business

Theft doesn’t just occur at home; businesses can often be a target for opportunistic thieves.

There are some simple things you can do to protect your business from an opportunistic thief:

Set up a security system

Installing a monitored security system will not only help you and police in the event of a theft, it will also act as a deterrent for potential thieves.

Making sure cameras are visible or displaying signs that tell customers that a security system is in place can be an effective way of preventing theft from your business.

Make sure the outside of your business protects the inside

You can make a number of changes to the outside of your business to prevent thieves from breaking inside. Ensuring that your business is visible by using good lighting and keeping the outside shrubbery neat and tidy can increase the detection of potential thieves trying to enter your business. It is also important to remove potential climbing aids by ensuring there aren’t any bins, trees or fences close to windows or the roof.

Utilise the entry/exit of your business

Installing an electronic sensor that makes a noise when people enter and exit the business can help you and your employees monitor who is inside the business.

In the event that a theft does take place, having a coloured reference chart for height stuck to the doors can help you assist police in identifying the thief.

Work with staff in securing your business

It is important that you provide staff with training regarding the business’ security measures so they know what to do to secure the business from theft. Providing staff with written procedures can help ensure that security procedures are correctly followed.

Ensuring that staff know what to do when locking up the business is vital to preventing theft. Often thieves target businesses outside of trade hours, as there will not be people around.

Handling cash

If your business handles cash, avoid keeping large amounts on the premises at the close of trade. Having signs that tell people that cash is not kept on the premises can also be an effective tactic in preventing thieves.

If you do banking during the day – try and change up your routine to avoid banking during regular and predictable times.


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