Communications Policy

Media, both printed eg brochures and newsletters, and electronic eg NHW Website Newsletter, Facebook Page, Sentinel and YouTube, are important means for NHW Victoria to communicate with the community.
This policy provides guidance for the use of all forms of media by employees and volunteers of NHW Victoria.

Social Media Policy

This policy document advises on the appropriate usage of social media and electronic communications for representatives of Neighbourhood Watch Victoria and its affiliate groups.

The policy describes acceptable behaviour on electronic media for individuals, pages and groups posting as representatives or affiliates of Neighbourhood Watch Victoria (NHW), as well as usage of the Neighbourhood Watch name and logo.

Membership Policy

NHW relies on its members (volunteers) to implement its programs to reduce crime and increase safety in the community.

This policy describes the forms of membership within NHW and describes the process by which applicants for membership of NHW Victoria are to be accredited.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the personal information handling practices of NHW.  It applies to all NHW employees, volunteers, contractors and members who are engaged in NHW activities.

Risk Management Policy

The Risk Management Program is NHW Victoria’s overarching framework to assist employees, contractors and volunteers practice sound risk management.

Street Sign Maintenance Policy

The purpose of the signage is to promote an active NHW area, a sense of community safety and to ‘advise home invaders’ that the community is aware of the NHW message and reports suspicious activity and crime.

Additional Resources