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June 6, 2024
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“Are they really the one?”: Staying safe while on dating apps

“Are they really the one?”: Staying safe while on dating apps

Navigating the world of online dating can be exciting, but it’s essential to prioritize your safety.

Dating apps are not new but their usage are much more common for people to find love or sometimes friends when they move to a new city. Here are some general tips if you do decide to get on any of the dating apps that are currently available on your app store.

When using the dating apps:

  • Well-known dating apps would have options where the users can be verified to ensure that their profile is legitimate. If you are planning to match with someone, look for the tick next to their name to increase your chances of matching with somebody that actually holds the profile that you are seeing.
  • Swipe left if the profile does not have any indication of how they look and only contains blank or wearing covered articles of clothing such as a mask and sunglasses.
  • Do not worry if you would like to un-match the person that you have swiped on as well-known apps such as Hinge and Tinder does not notify the person when you do so you do not have to be afraid if you have lost the spark or interest.

Meeting beyond the dating apps:

  • Trust your gut feeling if you do not feel like the meeting would go well. Meeting someone new can be anxiety-inducing but prioritise your emotions first
  • Inform someone you trust about your plans, including who you're meeting, where, and when. Share your location with them until the planned time of the date is over.
  • Arrange to meet in a public place, like a café or restaurant, and avoid secluded areas.
  • Arrange your own transportation to and from the meeting spot to avoid being dependent on your date.
  • For the first meeting, keep it brief. If things go well, you can always extend it or plan another date.
  • Ensure your phone is fully charged and have it easily accessible.

Protecting yourself during the date:

  • Be aware of red flags such as controlling behavior, dishonesty, or excessive pressure to meet quickly.
  • Choose a place in an area that you are familiar with especially if you would like to leave the date if it does not go well
  • Be cautious of anyone who asks excessive information especially regarding the topics of money or personal information that you may not feel comfortable sharing.
  • If your date suggests moving to a more private location, politely decline and suggest staying where you are or choosing another public venue.

Navigating the world of online dating can be exciting, but it’s essential to prioritize your safety. By following these tips—both during your interactions on dating apps and while on dates—you can better protect yourself and enjoy the experience with greater peace of mind. Remember, trust your instincts, set boundaries, and don't hesitate to seek support from friends and family.

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