Terms & Conditions: How Safe Is My Place?

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria Inc is a non-for-profit community-led organisation, which works in partnership with Victoria Police with the aim of preventing crime and building stronger, more connected, communities. Our objective is to ensure the safety of our members and the broader community and the security of their property.

How Safe Is My Place has been developed as a courtesy to the community and for education and awareness purposes. The recommendations for improvement are based on CPTED principles which are widely recognised in the security, law enforcement and architectural industries.

By doing the How Safe Is My Place quiz and using the recommendations and suggestions contained on the How Safe Is My Place and Neighbourhood Watch websites, or in the personal report accessible to people who complete the quiz, any person who does so acknowledges that it is not possible to make areas absolutely safe for the community or make their property totally secure.

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria Inc hopes that by using this quiz and learning what you can do to improve the security around your home, that criminal activity will be reduced and the safety of the community and security of property will be increased.

While every effort has been made to incorporate reasonable means to reduce the opportunities for criminal activities to occur, there is no expressed or implied guarantee that the “place” or property will be free from criminal activity if these suggestions are followed and implemented.