Crime Prevention for Small Business

Crime—whether that be scams, burglary, robbery, property damage, shoplifting, employee theft, fraud—costs businesses billions of dollars each year.   And it can be particularly devasting to a small businesses, who can lose customers, staff, precious resources and funds – let alone the motivation to recover and move on.

We know that a small business doesn’t have a bottom less pit of resources, nor the staff, to engage in a fully operational security system; 24/7 guards;

But there are simple and inexpensive things you can do to avoid becoming a victim of crime, from training your staff in best practices for managing stock, customers, payments; keeping locked up and removing temptations; and for knowing your business neighbours.

When small businesses are victims of crime, owners/operators, staff, customers and the local community alike can feel fearful and isolated.   Often the business owner reacts by changing their hours of operation, raising their prices to cover their losses, relocating outside the community, or simply closing.

You are not alone in aiming to reduce and prevent crime.

We are here to help.

Have a read of our helpful articles (right).  You may like to get together with neighbouring businesses to establish a Neighbourhood Watch Business Group and we would be happy to meet with you to provide advice and motivation.




Check out our library of articles to help you to prevent becoming a victim of crime.