7 easy DIY home security jobs to do on the weekend

A home is burgled about every 20 minutes in Victoria. We’ve got 7 quick security fixes you can put on your weekend jobs’ list to make your home more burglar-proof.

1. Get rid of the hidden house key

Most people have a spare key hidden somewhere outside their home. Burglars know all the hiding spots, even the not-so-common ones. So take your spare and give it to a neighbour, friend or family member you trust.

2. Light up your entry

Test exterior lights at night to check that they’re working and provide enough illumination. Consider installing flood or motion sensor lights around entries and in any dark spots.

3. Trim shrubs to cut down hiding spots

Trim any shrubs and trees that are in front of windows, gates and entries so that crooks don’t have a place to hide. Aim to have a clear line of sight to the street.

4. Grow plants that burglars hate

Plant thorny or prickly shrubs and plants such as cacti, native blackthorn, native raspberry or Mount Blackwood holly under windows to make your home even less appealing to burglars.

5. Stop sliding doors in their tracks

Install dowel into the track of a sliding glass door or window to stop it from being forced open. Choose dowel that is thinner than the track and cut it to be around 1cm shorter, so that it fits snugly.

6. Check your locks are working effectively

Do a stock-take of your door and window locks. Fix or replace any broken locks and upgrade any weak ones with stronger keyed locks or deadbolts.

6. Make it harder for crooks to see in

Install one-way blinds on your windows to let natural light in but keep prying eyes out.

Find out where your home may be vulnerable to a break-in. Use our free self-assessment tool How Safe Is My Place to check your home today.