5 ways to make your home security a little greener

Making your house safer from break-ins is important and there are ways to go about it, that might just be a little more eco-friendly. Here are 5 ideas to help make sure your home security doesn’t cost the earth.

1. Be smart with your lights

People often leave interior lights on when they’re out, to give the impression that someone is at home. But rather than leave a light or two burning all night (or all weekend), connect your inside lights to timers and set each one to different times. This way, your lights will turn on and off intermittently making it seem like you’re there. Using LED bulbs in all your lights will also save you money and electricity in the long term.

2. Use window shades and one-way blinds

One of the simplest steps you can take, is to have one-ways blinds and shades on your windows. When you’re out, make sure your blinds are positioned so an intruder can’t see in. And try to vary the time of day you open and close the blinds to make it harder for a burglar to know when you’re home or not. Quality blinds and shades can also make your home more energy efficient by blocking out harsh sunlight in summer and buffering cold air in winter.

3. Install sensor lights outside

Rather than leaving an outdoor light on at night, to make it look like someone’s at home, install motion-activated LED floodlights outside your house, especially around the driveway, garage and entry points. Not only will they potentially scare an intruder away when they turn on unexpectedly, they can also save energy. And, you can even buy solar-powered options.

4. Choose wireless or internet-based surveillance systems

Generally speaking, a smart surveillance system, which sends, receives and saves video footage digitally, cover a wider area and can be more energy efficient than traditional analog CCTV. However, be sure to do your carbon footprint research before buying one. Many smart surveillance systems have the added bonus of connecting to your phone via an app, so if there is an intruder at your house, you will get a notification and can see and even talk to them in real time, to make it seem like you’re at home.

5. Go with greener providers

Home security companies, manufacturers and providers are coming out with more eco-friendly options all the time. However some are greener than others. So if you’re looking at upgrading your home security and you would prefer to be as green as possible, we suggest doing some research first.