Structure of NHW

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is a not-for–profit community-based organisation, where volunteers come together to support Victoria Police to make their local communities safer by promoting crime prevention initiatives and closer community ties.

Where possible NHW is managed on a Local Government Area (LGA) or Police Service Area (PSA) model. NHW groups can operate individually or in conjunction with their LGA committee.

Local Government Area (LGA)

An LGA is aligned with the local council boundaries and if there are various groups in an LGA, it is preferable to have a committee at this level (eg NHW LGA name = NHW Whitehorse). An LGA Committee should provide benefits with local groups working together and may appoint one Delegate to represent their LGA at State Forum Meetings and the Annual General Meeting. In some rural areas where groups are long distances apart, these committees may be adjusted to suit the local area (ie town based arrangements).

An LGA should ensure they advise NHW Victoria of their committee members on the LGA Area Information Report.


Within any LGA there may be groups operating that can be any size deemed appropriate or suitable by the LGA Committee members and is solely at the discretion of the LGA Committee. For example, in regional locations, a group might cover the whole town. Historically, these areas are often numbered, but most are now renaming according to their geographical location.

Groups will be required to submit an Area Information Report and an audited financial statement on an annual basis. NHW state office will provide advance notice of reporting requirements and the due dates.


NHW groups may choose to further divide their location into zones. This can be any size deemed appropriate and suitable to the area and is solely at the discretion of the committee. Historically, zones have often been numbered and reflected newsletter delivery zones by the Zone Representative who would also attend the group meetings to represent their group of neighbours.


The NHW Victoria Board approved a new Membership Policy for volunteers from 18 August 2016. It is the responsibility of the Chairs, Managers and Coordinators of the relevant NHW groups, and the staff of NHW Victoria, to ensure compliance with this policy. For more information on the volunteer process refer to the ‘New Volunteers’ in this section of the website.