Street Signage


The purpose of the signage is to promote an active NHW group, a sense of community safety and to ‘advise the burglars’ that the community is aware of the NHW message and reports suspicious activity and crime.


It is recommended (although not always possible) that NHW signs be placed on poles on major streets that enter the area.

Approval of the local council is required before any NHW signs can be erected in a public road in Victoria.  In addition, due to Occupational Health and Safety issues, council staff would be required to erect the signs.  It is recommended (although it is not always possible), NHW signs be placed on existing poles on major streets that enter the area.

Where the use of power poles is being considered for mounting the signs, approval of the power company that owns the asset will be needed. Your local council may be able to help with obtaining approval from the power company for use of its poles.

An LGA should ensure they advise NHW Victoria of their committee members on the LGA Area Information Report.



De Neefe Signs
25 Brisbane Street
PO Box 132
Eltham VIC 3095
Phone: 03 9430 0253

De Neefe Signs is the preferred NHW supplier for street signs and Lois Marsh at (03) 9430 0253 is the person to contact for further information.


PS NW300    300mm X 450mm (standard)        $16.50
PS NW450    450mm X 600mm (large)               $19.50
PS NW           600mm X 800mm (extra large)     $34.30

* Prices are correct as at 2018 and do not include GST or freight.
* Brackets, poles, bolts can be ordered, however, some council’s supply these at no cost.

To order your street signs:

  1. Call De Neefe Signs to get an idea of what you want to order and how much it will cost.
  2. Email NHW state office requesting an Order Number so you can place your order directly with De Neefe.
  3. De Neefe send the street signs to the NHW group and invoices NHW state office for the goods (including GST).
  4. NHW state office pays the invoice to De Neefe (including GST).
  5. NHW state office invoices the NHW group (excluding GST).
  6. The NHW group deposits the funds into the NHW bank account.


Due to Health and Safety regulations, NHW Volunteers cannot install signs.  Please contact your local council to arrange the installation. Signs can often be installed free of charge.


To provide guidance on the maintenance of NHW signs please refer to the NHW Street Signs Policy.