NHW Committee

NHW Committee

NHW Victoria recommends that your NHW Committee consists of at least the following:

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Social Media Manager

The following roles are also recommended if there is no LGA Committee, but are optional:

  • State Forum Delegate
  • Newsletter Editor | Deliverer
  • Local Web Administrator
  • Events Coordinator
  • Resident and Volunteer Support
  • Zone Representatives


All organisations require a Chair to maintain and organise an effective group. In NHW this person can also be known as the Area Coordinator or Area Manager. Their role is to coordinate the activities of NHW within the local area.

This person chairs local group meetings and is the main point of contact with the LGA Committee.  If there is no LGA Committee, the Chair will also be the contact for NHW and the local Police. This person sets up the structure to enable good communication and the delivery of local activities.
Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating the agendas for group meetings and arranging any special meetings.
  • Providing maps to Zone Representatives showing area and zone boundaries.
  • Developing a list of skills available through your Zone Representatives.
  • Ensuring a representative from your area attends LGA or Divisional meetings where applicable.
  • Maintaining communication with the Chair of any Area Sub-Committees established such as Newsletter Sub-Committee or Finance Sub-Committee. You are an ex-officio member of these Committees.
  • Informing your contact of any changes in meeting dates or places.
  • Ensuring an up to date list of all volunteers is maintained.
  • Ensuring information from the NHW Victoria magazine, Sentinel, is distributed to the editors of your newsletter and social media pages.  It is a good source of material, much of which can directly be copied into group newsletters from the NHW Victoria website.
  • Coordinating the replacement of Zone Representatives if they should move from the group or withdraw for other reasons.
  • Ensuring all volunteers are offered Personal Accident Insurance cover.
  • Giving effective recognition to any sponsor of NHW Victoria and local supporters of your NHW.

If you are the only NHW group in your LGA or there is no LGA Committee, your responsibilities could include the following:

  • Keeping regular contact with your local Police representative. They will explain the support available to you and indicate the assistance required by the Police to implement their programs and strategies.
  • Introducing yourself to the Inspector and/or Officer in Charge of your local Police Station.

Deputy Chair

A Deputy Chair should be elected where possible. In NHW this person can also be known as the Deputy Area Coordinator or Deputy Area Manager. Their role is to act as a resource for the Chair and to take over the role when and if required.


The Secretary takes the minutes of each meeting. This position is also responsible for processing the minimal correspondence handled by the group.


The Treasurer keeps accounts, and assists in completing the requirements for the Annual Reporting including arranging for the review/audit of the group’s financial statements. For more information please refer to ‘Financial Reporting’ for NHW Groups in this section of the website.

The Treasurer records the income and expenditure of the group and manages the community money in line with NHW Victoria guidelines. It should be noted that all NHW bank accounts must be set up with at least three signatories and any two to sign to authorise a transaction.

Social Media Manager

Manage any Facebook, Twitter or website input on behalf of the group.

Newsletter Editor (Optional)

Produce the local newsletter (printed or electronic).

State Forum Delegate (Optional)

Each LGA should have a State Forum Delegate to represent them at State Forums and the Annual General Meeting of NHW Victoria (an alternate may also be appointed but only one vote is available at the State Forum).

Web Administrator (Optional)

This person will generally maintain the LGA component of the NHW Victoria website.  The Web Administrator (WA) must have an email address and access to the internet.

Events Coordinator (Optional)

Coordinator of events planned and undertaken by the NHW.

Please note the Media, Newsletter and Events positions can be groups of people or individuals. The committee should be formed to meet local needs.

 Zone Representative (Optional)

In NHW groups that use printed newsletters to keep their community informed of local crimes and how to combat them, there is a need to organise volunteers to deliver the newsletters.

An urban area of more than 200 houses may be divided into any number of zones each consisting of approximately 25 to 50 premises. The number of premises in a zone is based upon what is reasonable for one person to cover effectively. Zones with more than 50 premises are generally avoided, as they become difficult to manage.

In rural areas where distance is a significant issue, the size of the zones (if there are any) is determined by what is necessary and practicable for NHW to keep in touch with its residents.

Their role includes:

  • Distributing the group newsletter to each household in your zone and where possible, speaking to the resident/s.
  • Liaising with the residents in the zone and ensuring they are aware of NHW.
  • Encouraging residents to participate in NHW and strategies.
  • Encouraging cooperation between residents in the zone.
  • Providing the communication link between the residents, the NHW Group Committee and the Police Liaison Officer.
  • Attending group meetings.
  • Assisting with group projects, programs and events.
  • Maintaining communication with residents and passing on resident concerns at group meetings.
  • Complying with NHW Victoria policies and practises.

Zone Representatives should not feel daunted by the responsibilities listed above as if properly organised, they should not take up much of their time.

 Resident and Volunteer Support

For NHW to function successfully, an element of community spirit amongst neighbours must be developed. The cheapest and best security device we have is friendly, cooperative and concerned neighbours. To foster this feeling much depends upon the energy and dedication of the volunteers who manage the group. By participating in the strategies of NHW, residents will earn the right to display NHW material and will profit from their improved quality of life.

Delegation is important within NHW, to ensure that the workload is equally distributed over all of the volunteers in the group.  A person who has been delegated a task and is being relied upon by others, feels they are of value to the group.