There are two types of insurance:

  • Personal Accident covers injury to a NHW volunteer in the course of their duties.
  • Public Liability covers liability to others who may sue NHW for negligence.  This is required to hold meetings and run events.

Personal Accident Insurance

It is recommended Accredited Members and Community Members are insured under the Volunteer Accident Insurance Policy, however, this decision is to be made by the local group and any premiums funded by the local group.

No volunteer insurance is required for Community Supporters | Followers.

NHW Victoria arranges a bulk annual Personal Accident Insurance policy for NHW groups to be included at a cost of .90c per person. An expression of interest is emailed to NHW groups and confirmed by 30 June annually.

For further information, please email NHW state office at (

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers NHW Victoria and local NHW groups against claims from the public for damage to persons or property.  The NHW state office negotiates the annual Public Liability Insurance policy. This policy is taken out and paid for by NHW Victoria.

Advance notice needs to be given if you are planning a major event with special requirements (eg family days, dinner dances, barbeques, bicycle marking days).
The NHW state office distributes a copy of the Certificate of Currency (policy) to all NHW groups at the start of each financial year. If you require a copy of the policy for an event, email the NHW state office with your request at (