There are some costs involved in running a NHW group.  These can include, but are not confined to volunteer accident insurance, the printing of information materials, meeting room hire, fluorescent safety vests and street signs.

NHW groups have a variety of ways they can raise the required level of funds, including donations, advertising and fundraising events such as sausage sizzles.

In regard to obtaining funds to start a NHW group, you are not expected to use your own money. Most new groups obtain donations from local businesses in return for acknowledgement of their support for our community organisation.  Some areas seek financial support from real estate agents, locksmiths, cafes, electricians, banks etc, as they see NHW as beneficial to their clients.

You might also talk with local press to see if they are prepared to publish an article about the establishment of the NHW group and your proposed public meeting time.  Potential financial supporters may be more interested in helping you if they think they might get mentioned in an article, and they would certainly get mentioned, if they were to provide funding.

Some municipalities, state government departments and charities have grant programs which are another source of funds to NHW groups. However, generally the grants are provided for specific projects and they won’t normally pay for the operational expenses eg volunteer insurance required to run a NHW group.

Should you have any questions relating to possible approaches to fundraising activities, please email NHW state office at (