Victoria Police Service Awards


Outstanding Police Officer, Employee or Unit



This award provides an opportunity for you to recognise a Victoria Police member or work unit/station that has made an outstanding contribution in 2019 to:

•           improving the outcomes for people with disability; and/or

•           delivering a police service that is accessible, inclusive and responsive.

Your nomination will be considered by a panel including the Public Advocate, Ms Colleen Pearce, Acting Commander Murray Fraser (Co-Chair, Victoria Police Disability Portfolio Reference Group), Trevor Carroll (Co-Chair, Victoria Police Disability Portfolio Reference Group) and Ms Jo Begbie Director, Performance and Development.
Submit nominations via  Nominations close on Friday 25 October at 5.00 pm and winners will be announced at the Victoria Police International Day of People with Disability event to be held in December 2019.
Please put the following information in an email (not on this web page):

Your name
Your email
Your phone number
Nominees name unit
Nominees work location

Description - Provide a summary of the nominee’s achievements and the impact they have had in improving outcomes for people with disability or delivering a police service that is accessible, inclusive and responsive

  1. You are welcome to attach any supporting evidence (e.g. an email or letter) that could strengthen the nomination. Please ensure that all documents are suitable for public use.  If this is not possible, make clear in your submission which documents or sections of documents are not to be publicly available.


  1. Submit the nomination form to the Priority Communities Division, Victoria Police, via by 00 pm Friday 25 October 2019. If you have any queries about the process, please forward to the above email address