Newsletter template training videos

This series of training videos take you step-by step through how to use the new Neighbourhood Newsletter Templates, along with some tips and tricks and problem-solving.

We suggest watching the videos in the order listed by clicking on the hyperlinks below or by watching the full playlist in YouTube.

The following is a list of topics currently available. These may be added to over time.

Please note: Due to late changes to the designs, some of the videos may show Templates with dark-green, cover-page Footers. These have since been updated to be white, with green text.

1. Introduction

  1. Introducing the new NHW templates (2 x 2 pages vs 2 x 4 pages)
  2. Quick overview of using specific Word features in the templates
    i. Word .docx vs .dotx  – Which versions of Word will the templates work in?
    ii. Explaining text boxes and where not to click or type
    iii. Styles: where and what they are, using “clear all”
    iv. Built-in template fonts & colour-theme
    v. Viewing “hidden markers”
    vi. Hard- vs. soft- returns/enters

2. Using the templates

3. A “live” run-through

  1. 2-page newsletter rollout

4. Problem-solving