State Award of Honour

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This Award acknowledges the outstanding service by an actively involved individual in the pursuit of the aims and objectives of the Neighbourhood Watch Program.


  • The Neighbourhood Watch State Awards recognise and honour those individuals and Neighbourhood Watch Groups that implement innovative projects, programs or partnerships which enhance community safety through the prevention of crime, and encourage volunteering and community participation thereby contributing to the quality of life for those in the community.
  • In submitting a nomination, you should assume that the judging panel has no knowledge of the nominee. Therefore, the nomination must include all of the required information.  In particular, to give the nomination the greatest chance of success, it must directly address the judging criteria below.


  • The nominee must be an accredited member of the Neighbourhood Watch Program within Victoria, or  a member of the Victoria Police Force, either directly or indirectly involved with the Neighbourhood Watch Program within Victoria.
  • The nomination is to be submitted on the completed Nomination Form.
  • The nomination is to be completed and submitted online
    Alternatively, you can download the PDF, complete, scan and email to
  • Email nominations must be sent prior to 5:00 pm on Thursday 13 September 2018.
  • Nominations cannot be accepted by post.
  • All nominations will be acknowledged by return email. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within two business days, please telephone the State Office on 03 9247 5492.
  • The State Honours Committee’s decision is final.
  • Award recipients and their respective LGA or Local NHW Group will be advised of their successful nominations. Recipients will be invited to attend the State Annual General Meeting on Thursday 11 October 2018 to be presented with their award.

Judging Criteria

  • Influence and contribution to achieving the aims of the NHW Program. ie what makes the nominee’s efforts stand out compared with other volunteers.
  • The breadth, scope and innovation of contributions made by the nominee eg how does the nominee’s effort exceed the efforts of other volunteers in the group.
  • Special circumstances pertaining to the nominee. eg the nominee supports a number of community groups in addition to NHW.
  • Length of service with Neighbourhood Watch in Victoria.

Privacy Statement

This nomination is submitted on the understanding that the personal information provided is for the purpose of deciding the Neighbourhood Watch State Awards.

This information will be disclosed to the Neighbourhood Watch State Honours Committee prior to the Awards function and details of winners in each category will be used for promotional and other related purposes including on the Neighbourhood Watch website.

Personal information will not be given or sold to any other party without permission.