State Award of Honour

for outstanding service to Neighbourhood Watch

This Award acknowledges the outstanding service by an actively involved individual in the pursuit of the aims and objectives of the Neighbourhood Watch program.

Before completing your nomination, please read the 2019 State Awards Guidelines

Judging criteria

  • Influence and contribution to achieving the aims of the Neighbourhood Watch program. i.e: what makes the nominee’s efforts stand out compared with other volunteers.
  • The breadth, scope and innovation of contributions made by the nominee, e.g: how does the nominee’s effort exceed the efforts of other volunteers in the group.
  • Special circumstances pertaining to the nominee, e.g: the nominee supports a number of community groups in addition to Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Length of service with Neighbourhood Watch in Victoria.

If you can’t complete your nomination online, download a copy of the nomination form, then complete, scan and email it to – nominations cannot be sent by post.

2018 recipient


    “It was a huge honour to receive this award last year. It was not just receiving the award but also that our volunteers recognised the amount of work that goes on in the background for our events to be successful for the Boroondara community. Boorondara Neighbourhood Watch had been dormant for a number of years and it is only 3 years ago that I, along with the BNHW committee, felt we needed to be seen to be active in this LGA again. I recognise that I would not have received this award if it had not been for the commitment of our volunteers. The award also reflects the strong support we receive from Inspector Noy and the crime liaison officers at Boroondara police.”


    Suzanne Dunlop,
    Chair, Boorondara NHW