Download the templates

The 4 different newsletter templates

There are 4 Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter templates currently available. The styles and layouts are predominantly the same, aside from a few individual differences.

The newsletter templates have several special factures to make updating the template with new content easier, while still maintaining the visual appearance of Neighbourhood Watch Victoria branding.

The templates have been set up in Microsoft Word, however will not work with versions of Word that date from pre-2007. Your version of Word must be able to save Word files as either docx or dotx files for these templates to work.

Each template is provided as a dotx (template) file, a docx (document) file and as a PDF file.

  • The dotx file link will take you to Box where you can download the template file by clicking the “download” button.
  • The docx file document should download automatically when you click on the hyperlink.
  • The PDF will open in a new window, where you can save the file to you computer.

Or you can click here to access Box folder to download the full suite of files

The PDF is provided as a reference, so you can quickly and easily see what a particular template looks like and also compare it to the relevant dotx file and docx to ensure the formatting has transferred correctly.

Two-page template – columns basic

Standard 2-page newsletter, content and images only

Template (dotx) (4.5 MB)

Document (docx) (4.5MB)

PDF (192KB)

Two-page template – crime stats image

2-page newsletter, but second page is set up to easily place the Crime Statistics Agency Victoria crime summary infographic for your area.

Template (dotx) (4.5MB)

Document (docx) (4.5MB)

PDF (217 KB)

Four-page template – basic (columns, crime stats table)

4-page newsletter, fourth page has a table where you can type in details local crime information provided by your local police.

Template (dotx) (3.8MB)

Document (docx) (3.8MB)

PDF (255KB)

Four-page template –  crime stats table, A6 ad

The same as the other 4-page newsletter, but the third page has a larger A6-sized advert space for supplied stakeholder promotions (eg, Victoria Police)

Template (dotx) (3.8MB)

Document (docx) (3.8MB)

PDF (253KB)