Would you like to grow Neighbourhood Watch and make Victoria a better place?

Unlike other NHW operations around Australia, we are the only one that is run by volunteers, albeit in close co-operation with Victoria Police. Our mission is to make Victorians safer through crime prevention activities.

We are looking for volunteers with specific skills to assist the board improve existing and develop new programs. The following committees have vacancies. If you would like to become involved, please complete the on-line form below:

Constitution/Policy – Setting the rules for the organisation and the framework and guidelines for all Local Area Groups
Finance/Compliance and HR – Ensuring we deliver on our commitments to our partners, our reporting obligations and our team
Communications/Media – Enlisting Victorians to be engaged and participating whether occasionally or regularly, through social media or face to face.
Business Development – Recommending ways to make the organisation more successful through promotional activities and commercial arrangements

So who are we looking for? Lawyers, compliance managers, website developers, social media experts and entrepreneurs, to highlight a few.

Looking forward to talking with you. Please submit the form below.