Lesson 3. Taking action

Using the information from the audits conducted in Step 2: Exploring my school, as a class discuss the different issues and/or areas that need improving.

  • As a class vote on the one issue around the school your class would like to take action to improve.
  • Discuss what would solve or improve the situation.
  • Decide if it is going to be a student, class or whole-school initiative
  • Determine if you can complete the activity by yourselves or if you will need external assistance (eg: parents, school council)?
  • Are there costs involved? How will these funds be raised?


  • As a class decide to look after a particular area of the school grounds by gardening, repainting lines on courts, new timber on seats, painting a mural, etc 
  • Students could make a resource (video, poster, board game, etc) that encourages safe behaviour in a certain area of the school grounds. 
  • Write to the school council or present at a school assembly about an area that needs improving.

Remember: the plan is to make the area safer, friendlier and more welcoming, and for the students completing the project to make a positive contribution to the school. 

Share your project with us

We’d love to hear your stories from doing the How safe is my school program.
  • Did you end up successfully taking action?
  • What was the outcome?

Email your stories, photos and drawings to kids@nhw.com.au

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