How Safe Is My Place personal reports

"Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design" is an agenda for manipulating the built
environment to create safer neighborhoods. The principles can be applied to residential homes,
shopping centres, community spaces and in most jurisdictions in Australia planning policy
takes into account "CPTED" principles.

The How Safe Is My Place is a program for our Members who will be trained
in providing personal audits of homes in their local area.

Once trained, our Members will be able to offer to visit residents in their homes and educate
them as to the simple things that they can do to make their homes safer and prevent crime.
In some cases the resident may have been a victim of crime and local Victoria Police will
recommend that NHW Members may be able to visit and help to "target harden" the property
for the future.


NHW Victoria has identified an expert in CPTED who will undertake the training session.
The How Safe Is My Place Audit training will take 2 days, and it is envisaged that it will
occur over a weekend in May.


Participants will be provided with training material. We will also provide promotional
material so that the program can be promoted in the local area, together with leave
behind material for the resident who has received the audit.


As a brand new program, though we aim to offer the program across Victoria, in the
first instance we would like to secure Members from adjacent Local Government Areas.
Dependent on how many people participate, and how many residents request the service,
having 'trained volunteers' in near by areas will ensure that we can resource its delivery.

We can accommodate 15 to 20 members for the first training session (who will be
accompanied by some of our Victoria Police colleagues who are also interested in training).

If you would like to participate - or find out more - please