6 Easy tips to staying safe during trick-or-treat this Halloween!

With trick or treating becoming more and more popular in Australia during Halloween, there are some easy and simple tips for parents to make sure they avoid a truly “spooky” experience during this year’s celebrations.

  1. The more the “scarier”

While it’s exciting to see what kind of spooky treats can be collected by your family during the trick-or-treat experience, it’s important to keep safe as you will be visiting several homes with strangers in your community. Stay safe by forming a group with a number of parents and make sure to consistently head count and keep an eye on the number of children as you go from house to house. Partner younger children up with older children and make sure to brief all the children beforehand to explain the rules about listening and following the group.

  1. Plan a trick-or-treat route in advance

It can be overwhelming trying to lead a group with other children and groups out at the same time, plan a route and brief your group on which houses and what the rout looks like to avoid confusion. This is also a fantastic way for children to learn about reading a map and learning about planning and execution.

  1. Avoid masks

Although there’s a number of fun masks to wear, it could make it difficult to identify your children and people in your trick-or-treat group. If possible why not skip the mask and use non-toxic make up to finish the outfit, not only will this make it easier to spot your group participants but it will add an exciting and different element to your child’s costume. Also when planning costumes avoid long elements that drag on the ground, while capes can make an outfit look more authentic, if they drag on the ground that can become a hazard for the costume wearer and the people around them, cut them down and plan accordingly.

  1. Stay in the light

It’s always a great idea to trick-or-treat earlier in the day if possible while day-light is still available and the streets are void of rowdy adult party goers, plan a time with your group that works with your schedule and utilise the day light to make it easy to keep an eye on your group. Avoid dark laneways and places where you can’t be seen by fellow members of your community.

  1. Don’t trick the neighbourhood pets

Trick-or-treat can be a stressful time for house pets, especially dogs. Keep an eye on the houses being approached and avoid opening gates that have guard dogs or warning signs. It’s important to brief the children about not approaching dogs too suddenly, giving them plenty of space, avoiding making loud sounds and not touching them unless prompted by the owners first. The costumes, loud sounds, and unknown scents can make the more aggressive than normal so make sure everyone is careful and respectful.

  1. Avoid any spooky surprises

During the trick-or-treating it can be hard to identify what kind of treats are being dispensed at the time. It’s important to make a rule with your group to not eat any of the treats until they have been reviewed by a parent after the experience. Make sure to sift through treats to identify potential ones that may be past their due date or too sugary and also avoid children over consuming sugar on the day.


Happy Halloween

Image: Raw Pixel on Unsplash