Engage Network

Giving each other a helping hand

What is the “Engage Network”?

You know that person in your life that is a connector? That person who gets their energy from connecting those in need with those that can help?

Neighbourhood Watch is that person.

It can be as simple as introducing neighbours, or as complex as bringing a new neighborhood together over/ through a common goal/ issue.

Our history of creating connected neighbourhoods in partnership with Victoria Police began in 1983.

Today we can connect Victoria Police and Council with their community and bring together a range of organisations to work with each other on a common issue.

The Engage Network is an extension of our work creating communities and connecting Victorians. It builds rapport and relationships between organisations whose work contributes towards a safe and engaged community.

How does it work?

The organsations work together to:

  1. Build rapport: by referring each other to relevant resources and groups
  2. Cross-promote,  coordinate and collaborate on shared priorities and interests
  3. Recognise, utilise and share each other’s strengths, skills, knowledge, materials, information and resources

The more organisations that join and share their knowledge, the stronger we become.

If you’d like your organisation to be part of the engaged network or are keen for more information, get in touch with us at engagement@vic.gov.au