5 easy ways to make the entry to your house more secure

The front door is the first point of call for most thieves when breaking into your property. We run you through 5 simple tricks to make your home safer.

  1. Secure your door –
    1. Make sure all the door hinges are on the inside of your entry doors.
    2. Install security film on glass panes,
    3. Fit your doors to the frame snugly. You may like to use long nails to reinforce the frame so it can’t be kicked in.
  2. Point your security camera at the front door – making sure your security camera is focused on the front entry can help in identifying thieves as well as act as deterrent for potential thieves by making it known they are being watched.
  3. Keep trees, shrubs and trees neat and tidy – By keeping your entry way and front yard clean and maintained, it gives the illusion that the house is occupied. It can also prevent thieves from using overgrown plants or trees as climbing aids to break in or somewhere to hide.
  4. Install motion-sensored lighting – Not only can this put off a potential thief, it can make it easier for neighbours to keep an eye on suspicious people near your house when you’re not there.
  5. Place Neighbourhood Watch Stickers on the mailbox or front window – this can be an inexpensive step to take that can potentially ward of would be thieves.



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