Prevent your motorbike from being stolen

Since July 2018, around 2000 motorcycles were stolen in Victoria making up 20% of total vehicle thefts. Protecting a motorcycle can be very different to securing a car, so we run through some of the ways you can protect your bike from being stolen.

Use quality locks and chains to secure your bike

In addition to using the steering lock, it is always a good idea to invest in some quality locks and chains to protect your bike from theft.

Disc locks are often used to secure bikes and keep them safe. These locks use the holes in a motorcycles brake disc to prevent the bike being moved.

Adding chains to you bike can also make it more difficult for thieves to steal your bike. Secure chains to the frame of the bike as opposed to the wheels as thieves can often remove the wheels in order to steal the bike.

Chain your bike to something sturdy

Thieves are often opportunistic and will go for the easiest target. Although many people secure their bikes with locks and chains around the bike, it’s always good to secure your bike to something solid and sturdy. This acts a deterrent for thieves as it is would attract more attention if they attempted to steal the bike.

Place visible markers on your bike

Many thieves steal motorcycles in order to sell the bike or its parts for a profit. Hot models which are most likely to be stolen include Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KMT.

Placing visible markers on bikes can be a deterrent for thieves as it can make the bike less desirable to sell and can also help police in tracking down the bike in the event it has been stolen.

Think about where you are parking your bike

Parking your bike in a locked garage is going to be the best way to protect your bike from theft however this isn’t always an option, especially in the city. If you don’t have a shed or a garage, make sure you park your bike in a well-lit area and leave it locked up with quality locks and chains.

If you are parking in a public area such as a shopping centre or train station, try and park in view of parking lot cameras and lights or near the entrance.





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