What makes your car appealing to a thief

Since 2018, almost 42 cars are stolen in Victoria every day. We share some of the thing’s thieves might notice when choosing which car to steal and how to secure your car from theft.

Many people who commit car theft are opportunistic, meaning they will go for the easiest target that will give them the best reward. By getting into the mind of a potential thief, we can make small changes that can help keep our cars and belongings safe and secure.

Whether or not you lock your car

An unlocked car makes the easiest target for an opportunistic thief looking to either steal your car or the belongings inside your car. Never keep your car unlocked and running, even if for just a few minutes.

The make and model of your car

Your car model and year can play a big role in whether a thief will attempt to steal your car. In the year ending in March 2019, the 5 most common cars to be theft cars were:

  1. Nissan Pulsar
  2. Holden Commodore
  3. Nissan Navara
  4. Ford Falcon
  5. Holden Captiva

With changes to modern car electronics, older model cars can be more vulnerable to car theft as they can be easier for thieves to steal. If you have an older model car, taking precautions such as locking your car, hiding valuable items

Where you park your car

Where you decide to park your car can make it much more vulnerable to theft. Since July 2018, almost 30% of cars were stolen from the street compared to 1% being stolen from a garage. If possible, the most secure place to park your car will be in a locked garage.

Unfortunately, garages and driveways aren’t always an option, especially for those to who live in the city. If you’re only choice is to park on the street, make sure you take some steps to keep your car safe.

Statistics show that car theft is most likely to occur during the hours of 4pm and 12pm, so make sure you are locking you car and take all your belongings with you before parking your car at the end of the day.

Where your keys are hidden

If you have parked your car at home, the location of your car keys can impact whether or not your car becomes a target for car theft. 70% of late model cars stolen in Victoria today will be stolen using their own keys.

Leaving your keys on the kitchen bench, near the door or in the garage can make it all too easy for thieves to steal your car and can also make parts of your home more vulnerable to theft.


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