Protecting tradies tools

Keeping your equipment safe – combating the rising rate of tool theft

In Victoria, the rate of tool theft is rapidly increasing with reports popping up across the state about tools being stolen from tradie’s vans and building sites.  Over $44million worth of tools in 2018.  We take you through some of the ways to prevent this type of theft happening to you.

Keep your tools under lock and key

Although this might seem like a no-brainer, making sure your tools are locked away is the most effective way of preventing tool theft. In 2019, there was almost 20,000 reports of stolen tools from cars. Avoid leaving tools unattended on building sites or unlocked in the back of a ute or van. If you need to leave the tools overnight, ensure the site is secured and the tools are locked in a secure cabinet

Many newer model professional power tools may have security measures installed which allow them to be locked remotely via a smart device. Once these tools are disabled and locked, they are worthless to a thief. If you are thinking of upgrading your power tools and are worried about tool theft, this might be a good option to look into. Similarly, GPS trackers can also be attached to tools and act as a visible deterrent for potential thieves.

Special locks and security measure can also be added to your ute or work van to make it more difficult for thieves to break in. Installing a truck/car alarm system can help you monitor your vehicle when it is unattended. Thieves appreciate a quick target, therefore installing a secure cabinet inside your vehicle with heavy duty locks and hinges can significantly increase the time it takes to get to your equipment and is a deterrent to thieves.

Mark your tools and keep a record

Giving your tools a distinct marker or engraving identification may not prevent them from being stolen, however it can make it more difficult to resell.

Thieves are increasingly turning to online marketplaces such as Gumtree and Facebook to sell stolen items, so having markers on your tools can help track them down. Taking photos of your tools and identifiable features can also help police track them down in the event they have been stolen.

Engraving your information and potentially a reward if the tools are stolen not only lowers the resale value of tools but can also increase the chances of the equipment being returned to you if stolen.

Thieves often gauge the value of tools and equipment by their appearance and their brand – taking off brand names or covering familiar brand colours can help in making your tools a little less desirable to would-be thieves.

Giving your tools a ‘make-under’ can also lower the chances of your tools being stolen. Some tradies have turned to spraying their tools with neon paint in order to prevent their tools being stolen.




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