Neighbourhood Watch Victoria is apolitical.
There are a few common-sense rules to follow to ensure that NHW in Victoria remains apolitical.

• NHW is apolitical and that means we offer no real or perceived support or endorsement to any politician or political party.
• We will follow the direction of the Government of the day only if it fulfils the NHW Victoria charter to create safer communities through crime prevention and we do so in an apolitical way.
• Local NHW groups can voice their support for crime prevention initiatives, provided that they make no political comment eg they can the building of a Police Station without discussing the views of political parties on the concept.
• We discourage any politicians from attending meetings called to determine the level of community interrst in NHW or to establish a NHW group.
• A local Member of Parliament can attend a NHW event or NHW representatives can attend an event at the invitation of the local politician if such attendance is consistent with this policy. In such circumstances the politician is acknowledged as the local Member and not by party allegiance.
• We discourage any NHW volunteer from attending or speaking on behalf of NHW at any town hall style meeting that is likely to be overly political or is arranged by a political party or its lobbyists.

Please be aware that in a period of election it may be that candidates are eager to work with you, have photos taken, infer your support for their policies. It is vital that you do not get involved in their campaigning, in any way.