Objectives and Purpose


  • Minimise the incidence of preventable crime.
  • Deter criminal activity by increasing the probability of apprehension.
  • Reduce the fear of crime.
  • Increase the reporting of crime and suspicious behaviour.
  • Improve the degree of personal and household security through education.
  • Expand the program’s involvement in wider community safety and crime prevention initiatives.

Purpose: Create connected communities that are motivated and educated to undertake crime prevention activities, by

a.            Protecting and enhancing the NHW brand
b.            Providing strategic leadership to the Affiliated NHW Groups in Victoria
c.             Strengthening the partnership of police, community and organisations, working together to prevent crime and improve the safety, security and the quality of life for all Victorians
d.            Coordinating the Neighbourhood Watch program, including the facilitation of information exchange between groups throughout the State of Victoria
e.            Identifying and developing best practice, evidence based crime prevention responses to ultimately encourage community participation in building safe and confident communities
f.             Improving community awareness and participation in watching out for and reporting suspicious behaviour