Neighbourhood Watch partners with Angel Next Door

Neighbourhood Watch is excited to announce a new partnership with Angel Next Door to connect neighbours and communities during the coronavirus shutdown.

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria has partnered with Angel Next Door to boost their vital community assistance during the coronavirus lockdown.

Angel Next Door is an online platform designed for people to provide hands-on practical help for neighbours isolated by the lockdown.

Users register at and can help out delivering groceries, picking up medications, maybe putting the bins out or doing a spot of gardening.

Helpers might source information for people, perhaps find household items they need or arrange transport to appointments.

Partnership driven by joint desire to help people in need

Neighbourhood Watch’s Victoria CEO Bambi Gordon said the Angel Next Door collaboration was driven by a common philanthropic desire to provide a helping hand for people in need.

“Like Neighbourhood Watch, Angel Next Door is about caring for, connecting with and safeguarding, the community,” Ms Gordon said.

“The beauty of the website is its simplicity, its verification of help requests and its ability to provide care from locals in the neighbourhood.

“This is a great example of that Aussie tradition of stepping up to help during a crisis, and ‘watching out for each other’ is something that Neighbourhood Watch has been doing for 37 years”.

Platform offers a discreet, secure and private place to ask for help

The platform’s co-founders, web developer Aamir Qutub and developer Villawood Properties, have garnered some 6,000 registered helpers in the fortnight since going live.

People can request help from people who live close-by discreetly and securely through the platform.

“Angel Next Door has been designed specifically to protect the privacy of those people in need,” Ms Gordon said.

“Many of these people might otherwise be the target of scammers and hackers.”

Many people assisted through the platform to date

People assisted by Angel Next Door to date include:

  • A GP seeking webcams for online consultations.
  • A man suffering back injuries seeking mowing help.
  • A woman seeking pick-up help for a washing machine.
  • A woman with a heart condition isolated from her children needing groceries help.
  • A heart surgery patient and father of five suddenly unemployed seeking food for his family.

The Angel Next Door campaign is being spearheaded by Australian Idol singer and presenter Kim Cooper, a full-time carer for her father John, who lives with disabilities.

Its creator and founder, Aamir Qutub, sits on the Geelong Authority Ministerial Advisory Council and is the current Geelong Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Fellow partner Villawood Properties is recipient of the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s most recent Community Engagement Excellence award.

To register with Angel Next Door visit

Neighbourhood Watch media enquiries:  Bambi Gordon 0418 479 735

Angel Next Door media enquiries: Kim Cooper 0406 543 239, Noel Murphy 0417 365 379