Neighbourhood Watch and RACV team up on home security

Two Victorian icons, RACV and Neighbourhood Watch are teaming up to help Victorians feel safer in their homes and be part of a community that watches out for each other.

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria and RACV have joined forces to help Victorians feel more secure in their homes and be part of a connected and safer community.

The partnership sees RACV support and participate in two of Neighbourhood Watch Victoria’s) key programs:

  • How Safe Is My Place – an online tool for Victorians to evaluate their security and identify the simple things they can do to improve the safety of their family and home; and
  • Building Community Together – a program aimed to foster community connectedness in some of Victoria’s newest housing estates.

Over the past two years RACV and Neighbourhood Watch Victoria have worked together with Safety Alliance Victoria, a partnership which also includes Victoria Police, CrimeStoppers and Federation University. The Alliance provides a collaborative and innovative approach to crime prevention and is specifically aimed at reducing residential burglaries. The group’s first pilot project Protect | Prevent used synthetic traceable liquid DNA as a tool for property-marking.

“RACV and Neighbourhood Watch Victoria are two iconic  organisations committed to improving the lives of Victorians,” Neighbourhood Watch Victoria CEO Bambi Gordon, said.

“It became obvious through working together in the Alliance that we share a vision of safer, more connected communities, so it makes sense that we would come together to support Victorians to feel more secure in their homes and daily lives and be part of a cohesive, inclusive, connected community.”

“We welcome the commencement of this exciting new partnership and look forward to continuing to work together.”

General Manager of RACV’s Home Division, Darren Turner says the partnership will enable the two organisations to help Victorians stay secure and connected in their homes and within their community.

“RACV seeks to help shape a smarter, safer and more connected community for Victorians and is proud to be partnering with Neighbourhood Watch,” Mr Turner said.

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