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Is your letter box keeping your mail safe?

Mail theft is becoming increasingly common. Unfortunately, most people don’t know they’re mail has been stolen until they discover someone is using their credit cards or their identity. Not all letter boxes are created equal, so we share our top tips for making sure yours is protecting your mail. 1. Put a lock on your [...]

7 easy DIY home security jobs to do on the weekend

A home is burgled about every 20 minutes in Victoria. We’ve got 7 quick security fixes you can put on your weekend jobs' list to make your home more burglar-proof. 1. Get rid of the hidden house key Most people have a spare key hidden somewhere outside their home. Burglars know all the hiding spots, [...]

Neighbourhood Watch partners with Angel Next Door

Neighbourhood Watch is excited to announce a new partnership with Angel Next Door to connect neighbours and communities during the coronavirus shutdown. Neighbourhood Watch Victoria has partnered with Angel Next Door to boost their vital community assistance during the coronavirus lockdown. Angel Next Door is an online platform designed for people to provide hands-on practical [...]

5 ways to make your home security a little greener

Making your house safer from break-ins is important and there are ways to go about it, that might just be a little more eco-friendly. Here are 5 ideas to help make sure your home security doesn't cost the earth. 1. Be smart with your lights People often leave interior lights on when they're out, to [...]

Corona Kindness: 7 ways to be an awesome neighbour

While social distancing is essential during the coronavirus emergency, so too is watching out for our neighbours, especially those who are elderly, have disabilities or live alone. Here are some of our suggestions for ways to help those who live next door. If you are helping your neighbours, it is essential that you practice safe [...]

Watch out for these coronavirus (COVID-19) scams

As if coronavirus isn't worrying enough, sadly scammers are taking advantage of people's anxiety and vulnerability to try and steal money, personal data and financial information. Here are some of the top scams to be aware of. 1. The coronavirus vaccine scam Scammers are sending out official-looking emails and messages claiming to be from doctors, [...]

Neighbourhood Watch and RACV team up on home security

Two Victorian icons, RACV and Neighbourhood Watch are teaming up to help Victorians feel safer in their homes and be part of a community that watches out for each other. Neighbourhood Watch Victoria and RACV have joined forces to help Victorians feel more secure in their homes and be part of a connected and safer [...]

5 ways to have a safe, stress-free festive season

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or another festive occasion, it can be both happy and stressful in equal measure. We share 5 tips to help put the happy into "Happy Holidays" 1. Be scam aware when shopping online If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Scammers have become super adept [...]

Where should I keep my car keys?

Around 70% of cars made after 2001 are stolen with their own keys. Our CEO Bambi Gordon takes a look of car key burglaries and whether people should be hiding their keys. The days of “hot-wiring” a car to steal it are largely gone. Modern car electronics mean thieves need the actual keys to steal [...]

7 ways to spot an email scam

Scam emails are not only appearing in our inboxes more frequently, but are also becoming trickier to recognise. We share our top 7 tips for spotting an email scam. With technology a part of everyday life, it's like you have either received or heard about email scams. They are becoming increasingly common and more convincing [...]