Other Resources

NHW has a number of publications and resources covering a number of safety and security topics.

The NHW publications are mostly examples from existing NHW groups. The design files are available from the state office to customise and print for your NHW group.

The useful links tab has external resources that may assist you with further information.

For further details, please contact the NHW state office at (admin@nhw.com.au.)

NHW Publications

The publications here are examples previously initiated and printed by various NHW Victoria group members.  The list also includes actual documents and some presentations for download which can be amended for your own purposes:

General - Join - Brochure A4
General - Knock Knock - Brochure DL
General - Bring a Neighbour - DL Flyer
General - Do You Want to Make a Difference - DL Flyer
General - Community Safety Guide - Booklet A5
General - Common Scams In An Internet Age Presentation

Group Activities - Welcome Pack - Wallet
Group Activities - Pull Up Banner
Group Activities - Labels 
Group Activities - Plastic Bags

Personal - Domestic Violence - DL Brochure
Personal - Domestic Violence - Pocket 

Personal - In Case of Emergency - A5 Flyer
Personal - In Case of Emergency - A6 Card

Personal - In Case of Emergency - Wallet Card
Personal - Personal Security - DL Brochure

Home - Home Security - DL Brochure
Home - Gate Plates - Letterbox Sign
Home - Warning - Window Decal - A7
Home - Warning - Window Decal - Square

Home - Absence From Residence

Seniors - Overview of Seniors Safety Program Presentation
Seniors - Email Template
Seniors - Text of a Presentation
Seniors - Safety A6 Reminder Card
Seniors - Home Security Diagrammatic DL Vic
Seniors - Evaluation Form

TFMV - Vehicle - Remove It, Lock It or Lose It - A4 Flyer
TFMV - Vehicle - Remove It, Lock It or Lose it - Brochure
TFMV - Vehicle - All Valuables Removed From This Vehicle - A5 Card
TFMV - Vehicle - Valuables - Flyer
TFMV - Vehicle - Tradies - Safeguard Your Tools - A4 Flyer

TFMV - Vehicle - Tradies Tools - A5 Flyer
TFMV - Vehicle - Safe Plate Screws - Flyer
TFMV - Vehicle - Operation Safe Plate - A4 Poster
TFMV - Vehicle - Operation Safe Plate - Brochure

Motor Vehicle Security - Diagrammatic Brochure
TOMV - Motor Vehicle Theft - Brochure

Children - Kinder Program KC Watchdog - Bookmark
Children - Kinder Program KC Watchdog - Postcard
Children - Junior Watcher Program - A5 Activity Book

Useful Links


Disaster Preparedness for Pets - ASPCA
Do Not Knock - Consumer Affairs Victoria
Holiday Burglary Prevention - Victoria Police
Preventing Burglaries From Homes - Victoria Police
Stop Travelling Con Men - Consumer Affairs Victoria
Telemarketing and Door-to-Door Sales - ACCC
Your Local Police - Victoria Police
When You Are On Holiday - Victoria Police


Bike Law - Victoria Law Foundation
Motor Vehicle Theft Profile - Car Safe
Older Drivers - TAC
Parking, the law and you - Victoria Law Foundation
Preventing Number Plate Theft - Victoria Police
Preventing Theft from Motor Vehicles - Victoria Police
Preventing Theft of Motor Vehicles - Victoria Police
Safety and Road Rules - Vic Roads
Safe Driving - TAC
Towards Zero Campaign - Victorian State Government
Years Ahead Program - RACV



Bushfire SafetyDepartment of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Graffiti in Victoria - Department of Justice and Regulation
Graffiti Laws in Victoria - Victoria Legal Aid


HelpYourself - Department of Justice and Regulation
ThinkUKnow - Australian Federal Police
Wish I Locked It - NHW Ballarat


Consumer Alerts - ACMA
Do Not Call Register - ACMA
Little Book of Scams - ACCC
Protecting Yourself From Scams - ACCC
Scamwatch - ACCC
StaySmartOnline Alert Service - Dept of Communications and the Arts


Kids Site - Victoria Police
Kindy Activity Book - Victoria Police
Primary Activity Book - Victoria Police